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Cohabiter avec la nature ! A transboundary brochure!

Appalachian Corridor partnered with WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) on developing a landowner tool to protect habitats. The guidebook “Cohabiter avec la nature!” was developed in French to provide guidance on wildlife-friendly residential development and land-use planning in the Appalachians of Southern Quebec, thus extending the reach of the original brochure northwards into Canada.

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Our Activity Report 2015-2016 is here!

Appalachian Corridor keeps going strong by protecting the biodiversity in Appalachians Mountains of Southern Quebec together with its affiliates and Nature Conservancy Canada.

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Spring-summer issue of Appalachian Corridor’s Newsletter is here!

Spring Issue Newsletter

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Green Mountains Nature Reserve in Sutton: 334 ha protected!

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is pleased to announce the protection of over three square kilometres of critical habitat in the Sutton area of the Green Mountains in Quebec. The lands will remain accessible to hikers at all times and extend the Green Mountains Nature Reserve, which currently covers 70 square kilometres. The Nature Conservancy of Canada in Quebec is continuing efforts with its partners to finish a fundraising campaign to secure and enhance this unique site. Appalachian Corridor, Parc d’environnement naturel de Sutton (PENS) and Les Sentiers de l’Estrie (SE) are working jointly with the Nature Conservancy of Canada to carry out this project and raise funds. Together, they celebrate this securement with the entire population, while combining forces to enhance the property. For the full release


Montagnes-Vertes Nature Reserve, Dos d'orignal.

Fall issue of Appalachian Corridor’s Newsletter is here!

Fall Issue Newsletter

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Thanks to three landowners, 210 more acres are protected in the Massawippi Valley

Massawippi Conservation Trust and Appalachian Corridor are pleased to announce the addition of three properties protected in perpetuity in the Massawippi Valley. Three landowners came together for this ecogift totalling 210 acres: the Webster property, North Hatley Club property and Wilcox property. These properties bump the amount of protected land to 722 acres in the Massawippi Watershed area and to 30 270 acres on Appalachian Corridor’s territory of action. Suite...

210 protected acres

From left to right : Guy Lizotte, Conservation Advisor at Appalachian Corridor; Norman & Pat Webster, donors; Susan Keller, Chair of North Hatley Club & Tom Wilcox, donors; Margot Heyerhoff, Chair of Massawippi Foundation ; Mélanie Lelièvre, Executive Director at Appalachian Corridor

Major Fundraising Campaign Launch

It is in the heart of nature that Appalachian Corridor announced on May 26th the public launch of its Major Fundraising Campaign Let’s protect the Future. The Major Fundraising Campaign aims to collect $1 million over five years to consolidate Appalachian Corridor’s transborder conservation strategy and increase the organization’s awareness-raising activities.

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Conservation: a New Dominant Land in Sutton Junction

Eastman, May 15, 2015 – Appalachian Corridor and Mount Echo Conservation Association (MECA) are pleased to announce the protection of 12.9 ha in the Town of Sutton, thanks to a generous donation made by Mr. Arthur Faucher. Mr. Faucher’s ecogift adds to the 12 000 ha of private lands already under conservation within Appalachian Corridor’s territory of action. Suite...

New Dominant Land

From left to right: Mr. Brian Herman, President of MECA, Ms. Elaine Rogers, Secretary of MECA, Mr. Arthur Faucher, Owner and Donor, Mr. David Brisson, conservation Advisor with Appalachian Corridor and Mtre. Mylène Paquette, Notary.

Activity Report 2014-2015

If you are interested in knowing more about our different projects and activities, please read our Activity Report for 2014-2015

Activity Report 2014-2015


Click and discover protected natural habitats on private land!

The Réseau de milieux naturels protégés (RMN) has created a practical and easy-to-use tool allowing you to visualize and discover protected natural habitats near you (in French only).

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