Employee profiles

As Executive Director, Mélanie Lelièvre participates in the development of all the activities of Appalachian Corridor. She coordinates certain specific projects, negotiates major conservation transactions, administers the management of human and financial resources, contributes to the organization’s influence and the development of strategic partnerships. She is driven by innovation, creativity and relentlessly deploys energy to protect the region’s natural environments.


Mélanie has strong skills in the management of environmental organizations and projects. Prior to joining Appalachian Corridor, she held various management positions, including with a large environmental services company where she led a team of five directors and twenty-five professionals. With a bachelor’s degree in agronomic sciences, specializing in organic farming, it was above all the protection of the environment and biology that attracted her tothe Appalachian Corridor in 2007.

Clément Robidoux is a biologist specializing in ecology and holds the position of Director – Conservation at Appalachian Corridor. He is responsible for supervising the knowledge acquisition (inventories and ecological assessments) and geomatics teams, and he leads conservation projects in collaboration with the land protection coordinator and various advisors. Clément is also responsible for guiding the implementation of conservation actions for the organization and its partners according to the ecological priorities of the territory. Since joining the organization, he has also developed and updated the conservation strategy for the Appalachian Corridor territory of action and participated in the development of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC) Green Mountains Natural Region Conservation Plan.


Before joining the management team, Clément worked for many years carrying out inventories and ecological assessments, as well as monitoring species at risk in the Appalachian Corridor action area. He sits on the recovery implementation groups for two of these species.

Community Relations Director

Caroline is a biologist with a master’s degree in the environment. She has nearly 25 years of experience in non-profit organizations, in the provincial public service, as well as in the municipal sector. Among other things, she set up the OBV Yamaska, worked as a worksite manager at COVABAR and as an agri-environmental officer at the Fédération de l’UPA.

Before joining our team, she worked for the City of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu as an environmental consultant.

As part of the team, she will lead the protected areas management, sustainable land use planning and partnerships departments.

Victor is a biologist specializing in ornithology, chiropterology and botany. He founded the Conservation Chauve-souris des Cantons-de-l’Est program and is a member of the Quebec bat recovery team. He is passionate about species identification.

As coordinator of knowledge acquisition at Appalachian Corridor, He leads the team responsible for ecological evaluation and species monitoring. He is also responsible for the projects around road ecology and connectivity, which were the main themes of his master’s degree. In the last years, he supervised the Highway 10 connectivity plan and he advise on wildlife crossing development projects on the organization’s territory. The conservation of natural environments and the protection of biodiversity are his priorities.

He is also a lecturer at the Université de Sherbrooke for Organisation et diversité du vivant – CQP205 and Pratique d’expertise sur la conservation des milieux naturels – GSM736 as part of the master’s degree in systemic management of natural environments.

Frédérique is passionate about communication. She has a Bachelor in Communication and Politics from University of Montreal. Multidisciplinary in her field, she enjoys writing, public relations, creating communication strategies as much as managing social networks. Estrienne by adoption for 5 years, she left Montreal to settle in the Eastern Townships following a major crush for the region. Before joining our team, she notably occupied for more than 2 years the position of development and communications coordonator at the Marais de la Rivière aux Cerises, in Magog.

Myriam is responsible for everything related to accounting. She is responsible for keeping the accounting books, producing payroll, preparing monthly financial documents and end-of-year documents. She also performs various accounting and performance analyzes of the organization’s activities.


She has a bachelor’s and graduate degrees in accounting and specializes in management accounting and finance. Before joining the Appalachian Corridor team, she worked as an assistant to the controller and as a financial analyst for various companies.

David coordinates the management of protected areas for Appalachian Corridor, in addition to being responsible for enhancements. He supervises the oversight of properties and coordinates the work of planners and land patrollers. David monitors all the infrastructures on properties belonging to the Appalachian Corridor and the Green Mountains Nature Reserve. He participates in fundraising requests, produces reports that highlight the state of properties and coordinates the implementation of solutions when required. Finally, David works with hunters, hikers, and neighbors to ensure the safety and compliance of land visitors.

After a few years of experience in construction and the outdoors, David completed a technique in bioecology at the Cégep de Sherbrooke. He has a solid background in ecology, which he combines with his manual skills in order to carry out his work. David also worked as a guide-interpreter and patroller at the Sutton Natural Environment Park (PENS) before joining the organization. A lover of nature, David welcomes every opportunity to contemplate in the wild!

Conservation and Special Projects Advisor


Mélanie Frenette supports Appalachian Corridor in the construction of our new offices and contributes to various conservation projects.


Previously, Mélanie worked as a Technical Director with a consulting engineering firm. Her environmental training led her to become actively involved in multidisciplinary teams to develop a global vision of the actions to be implemented in a variety of complex and diversified projects. Mélanie was also involved on the Board of the Société de conservation du mont Brome.

Conservation Coordinator


Marc’s career has focused on business development and corporate accounts management for large private companies and SMEs in France and Quebec. He has worked in several industries such as packaging, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and recruitment.


Sensitive to the environmental cause and to the preservation of wildlife and natural environments, he undertook a change of direction in 2019 by following a graduate program in the environmental studies at the University of Sherbrooke. He joined the Appalachian Corridor team in June 2020. Marc is also an amateur beekeeper.

Partnerships Coordinator


In her role as Partnerships Coordinator at Appalachian Corridor, Ève is responsible for supporting our affiliate members and rallying our many partners by promoting communication, networking and education relating to the environment.


With a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a master’s degree in environment, she has more than fifteen years of professional experience in project management dedicated to community development. A generalist with transversal skills, she has recognized expertise in environment and sustainable development, communication, analysis and writing. She has always been involved in collective mobilization, territorial networks and the protection of ecosystems, both locally and internationally. Also holding a master’s degree in environmental management, she specializes in regenerative agriculture, biodiversity conservation and natural environments.

Accounting Clerk and Administrative Agent

As bookkeeper and administrative officer, Kim is Myriam’s right-hand woman. Her duties include payroll, invoicing and bill payment, as well as taking an active part in reporting to our funders. She is also responsible for building management; contracts, maintenance, insurance and budget management are all part of her daily routine at Corridor Appalachien. Always happy to lend a hand, Kim also takes care of any administrative tasks that might lighten the load for other team members.


After obtaining her diploma in farm management, she completed a certificate in environmental sciences. Her diverse interests and thirst for knowledge led her to gain experience in a variety of employment sectors. Enthusiastic, methodical and curious, she is proud to contribute to the cause that is closest to her heart: the environment!

Geomatics Specialist

Benoit brings his expertise in geomatics, spatial analysis and the creation of cartographic products to support conservation and land-use planning projects. With the organization since 2021, he is co-head of the geomatics department. With over 15 years’ experience in the environmental field, he has developed his geomatics skills in various organizations such as the Ministère de la Sécurité publique, the Ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable, as well as in the municipal sector.

With a bachelor’s degree in physical geography, Benoit also pursued graduate studies in environmental management and remote sensing after working in the arts and interactive multimedia. His commitment to the preservation of nature and his love of outdoor activities have shaped his career path towards environmental conservation.



A lover of nature, Mélanie is particularly interested in herpetology, ornithology, and botany. She also enjoys leading activities and raising awareness on the importance of preserving natural environments. Her main role at Appalachian Corridor is to collaborate on field inventories, species monitoring, and the production of ecological assessment reports.


Mélanie has a bachelor’s degree in biological and ecological sciences as well as a bachelor’s degree in communication, writing, and multimedia. Before joining the team, she notably held the positions of conservation project manager at the Granby Zoo, wildlife technician in a ZIP Committee and biology guide-interpreter in an interpretation center. She has volunteered in numerous bird, amphibian, and reptile monitoring activities in the Eastern Townships, Montérégie, and Mauricie, including for the Yamaska ​​watershed organization and the Bird Studies Canada organization. She was also involved as secretary for several years on the board of directors of ACNSS (South Stukey Nature Conservation Association), one of our affiliate members.

Protected Area Management Technician

As a Protected Area Management Technician, Juliette is involved in monitoring territories and maintaining their ecological integrity. She patrols the properties of Appalachian Corridor and affiliated members, and writes management reports that help identify priorities for annual monitoring. She also works with trail users, neighbours and hunters to raise awareness and ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

Juliette holds a technical diploma in bioecology as well as a bachelor’s degree in ecology from the Université de Sherbrooke. She is a native of the region and very attached to it. She’s a jack-of-all-trades who appreciates nature in all its forms but has a particular interest in herpetology. Before joining the Appalachian Corridor team, she worked as a project manager for Les sentiers de l’Estrie and completed two internships in conservation at the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs. Her role at Appalachian Corridor enables her to combine her interests with her values, namely the conservation of natural environments and raising public awareness.

Conservation Advisor

Philippe is joining the team as a conservation advisor!

His mandate is to accompany owners who wish to protect their property in perpetuity.

With his degree in geography and his master’s degree in environmental management, he has developed his multiscalar vision on various environmental issues, including those related to climate change.

During his master’s degree, he was interested in the various tools for the protection of natural environments, as well as the enhancement of wetlands .

He has gained experience as an assistant environmental inspector specializing in riparian strips and developed his managerial skills by taking care of a large team of seasonal workers in the alpine recreational tourism field.

Tanya Vinet

Tanya enjoys being out in the field, where she is interested in botany, ornithology and herpetology. Her main role within the knowledge acquisition team is to collaborate on ecological inventories, species monitoring and the production of ecological assessment reports.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in ecology and a graduate diploma in environmental management. During her university studies, she held internships and student jobs with the City of Sherbrooke, the Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, Faune et Parcs and the Ministère des Transports. She has gained experience in the detection of invasive exotic species, in the identification of flora, in the monitoring of species in precarious situations, in biodiversity monitoring and in road ecology. In her spare time, she can be found doing outdoor activities, both in the mountains and on the water.

Team Leader in Pedestrian Trail Development

Vincent has held the position of Team Leader in Pedestrian Trail Development for Appalachian Corridor since 2021. In love with manual work in the forest, he is driven by the creation of sustainable and low-impact trails, which offer hikers the chance to immerse themselves in Appalachian ecosystems in a respectful way.

He enjoys working as a team member and learning to juggle the living forces of nature such as runoff water, while putting his knowledge of ecosystems at the service of development. He is particularly passionate about mycology and botany.

Since the fall of 2022, he has also been wearing the hat of Protected Areas Management Technician, helping the team with property monitoring, tagging, data collection and analysis, and engaging neighbours and volunteers.

He has many years of work in applied ecology, including environmental restoration and agroforestry. Vincent holds a BA in Environmental Science, a certificate in Environmental Restoration and a Master’s degree in Agroforestry. His dream is to be able to establish an ecological agroforestry farm project in the region.


Sabine has joined the knowledge acquisition team in 2024. She partakes in ecological assessments and monitoring species at risk. With a bachelor’s degree in ecology, she is completing a master’s degree researching the impact of the flowering period on the pollination and reproduction of spring plants. Before joining our team, Sabine held positions as a naturalist guide, biologist in a consulting firm, and field, research and laboratory technician for various organizations and universities. As a general biologist with a passion for fieldwork and conservation, she is delighted to have a job where identifying and monitoring flora and fauna leads to their protection. In her spare time, Sabine enjoys the outdoors as well as aerial circus. She also has a strong interest in scientific communication.

Executive Assistant and Receptionist

Diane has over twenty years’ experience, including nearly ten years as an executive assistant/assistant, with major Quebec companies and NPOs.

Diane has other assets to bring to Appalachian Corridor: her passion for the environment and personal well-being. To this end, she holds a diploma as a coastal management technician, one of the fields she’s most passionate about, and is a certified coach and teacher of mindfulness meditation.

Her background enables her not only to contribute effectively to the mission, but also to create a collaborative and caring work environment. Her presence on the Appalachian Corridor team enables her to combine her expertise with her values of respect for nature.