Take part in our growing conservation movement


In conservation, every action, large or small, is a gain for the environment and the community! Whether it’s a contribution of land, money, time, or even expertise, every action provides benefits to natural habitats in our region and helps to grow the number and size of protected areas on our territory. Want to participate? Surely, one of the forms of contribution listed below will meet your values, desires and possibilities:

  • Make a full or partial donation of land;
  • Retain ownership of your land while adding a conservation servitude on it;
  • Make a monetary donation to Appalachian Corridor to support our conservation activities.
    There are no small donations! Monthly donations can also be an excellent way to get involved;
  • Include Appalachian Corridor as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy. Your monthly premium payment can be a source of tax credit and considered a donation;
  • Make a donation of securities or shares to Appalachian Corridor;
  • Establish a bequest in your will so that Appalachian Corridor can honor your memory by implementing conservation activities in perpetuity;
  • Get involved as a volunteer in a local or regional conservation organization by giving back your time and expertise;
  • Be an ambassador for the cause by telling your friends about the movement and encouraging them to get involved too.


Visit us or contact us at to discuss your contribution goals!