Our Mission

Appalachian Corridor is a non-profit conservation organization founded in 2002 with a mission to protect natural areas in the Appalachian region of Southern Québec.

Through the implementation of a transborder conservation strategy, Appalachian Corridor works with local communities to maintain and restore a way of life that respects the ecology of the region from a perspective of sustainable development.

Our six main objectives


natural areas in perpetuity


and sharing knowledge of the territory’s ecology


selected protected areas


local driving forces on conservation issues


and educating on the importance of the natural heritage


the conservation of natural areas and influencing land-use planning

We plan to increase protected acreage in core conservation areas, buffer zones, natural corridors and biodiversity hotspots by means of conservation agreements. Our efforts are also oriented toward the protection of forests, wetlands and biodiversity as a whole, and the development of stewardship projects on protected properties.


Our organization offers technical assistance, advice and expertise to conservation organizations and contributors who share its vision. In addition, we organize various activities focusing on raising awareness to landowners about conservation issues and offer training to local conservation organizations.

Appalachian Corridor stands out in Quebec, not only because of our innovative scientific approach at the landscape scale, but also because of the outstanding results of our effective partnerships in terms of protected areas on the territory.


Download our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan


The approach chosen by Appalachian Corridor is becoming a model that is generating interest in other regions (e.g. Éco-Corridors Laurentiens) and even in the United States (we were consulted when Cold Hollow to Canada Link was created). The organisation shares its expertise to help kick-start other large scale projects elsewhere in Quebec. These projects emphasize the crucial role of local citizens in the protection of natural areas on private lands.

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