Annual report 2020-2021

On Friday, September 17 in Eastman, Appalachian Corridor held its annual general meeting to review the highlights of its fiscal year 2020-2021.

This occasion highlighted the efforts of Appalachian Corridor, in collaboration with several of its partners, to add 242 hectares (598 acres) of protected areas on its territory of action. Beyond the increase in the number of hectares of natural environments protected in perpetuity on our territory of action, it is also the ecological value and the strategic location of these lands in the network of protected areas that must be highlighted.

Including publicly owned protected areas, the total coverage of protected areas on the Appalachian Corridor’s territory of action at the end of the fiscal year reached 26,622 hectares (65,784 acres) protected in perpetuity.

Appalachian Corridor’s other major accomplishments for the 2020-2021 year are:

  • 10 conservation projects, 4 by our affiliates, 3 by Appalachian Corridor, 1 by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and 2 by municipalities;
  • 21 ecological surveys on as many properties;
  • 7 knowledge acquisition projects, affecting dozens of species, many of which are at risk in Québec and Canada;
  • 57% of the organization’s annual budget ($1.3M) was invested in actions that support directly our 17 affiliated members, as well as our joint conservation projects;
  • 1 new workspace that increases the efficiency of the team, as well as the organization’s service offering;
  • As well as many other achievements related to the protection of nature!

« As you will see in this report, more than ever, Appalachian Corridor is buzzing with projects and expanding its sphere of influence. We are tackling large-scale projects, rallying more partners, and refining our scientific knowledge.

Alarmed by the climate crisis and the biodiversity loss we are facing, our entire team is relentlessly pursuing the essential work of maintaining a quality living environment for nature and future generations.

Thank you to all who contribute to and participate in the fulfilment of our ambitious mission. », Mélanie Lelièvre, Executive Director.